Saturday, 7 July 2012

Look who dropped in today!

I went hurrying out the back door into the verandah to hang up some dripping leotards this afternoon, and came face to snout with the hedgehog, snuffling its way into some cat biscuits!

I ran inside and shouted to the FH to come and see too.  We are delighted to see the hedgehog back in the garden, as we hadn't seen it around for a long time - we used to have one visiting regularly, but that was a while ago, last year, even.

This one is large and looks in good condition, so I am hoping it comes around here again - if it eats the slugs in the garden, it is welcome to a helping of cat biscuits now and again!


Mrs. Mac said...

How great if 'he' eats garden slugs. I've seen boot cleaners/scrapers on peoples porches that look exactly like a hedgehog.

Lesley said...

How lovely! And what a great photo!