Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The second day

Today has gone well on the spending front - my money is still in my purse!

Dinner tonight was salad bits that the FH put together for us to eat when we got home from gymnastics: lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, baked beans, tinned fish, grated carrot, hard boiled eggs, boiled new potatoes and bits like that.  Everyone takes what they prefer, and the leftovers go back in the fridge for lunch tomorrow!

The dinner tomorrow night will definitely not have potatoes with it as we have now officially run out.  I am beginning to make a shopping list which will get bought closer to the weekend - maybe on Thursday when we have to go out and about.  I know it will include some potatoes, carrots, apples, etc, as well as some cheese, but that is about it so far.

I took photos of the store cupboards today but I am on the wrong computer to share them tonight - this pc is so old it doesn't have the right slots in it for the camera card.  I was thinking about old things this afternoon when I was folding towels because I realised that the two towels I bought "for the baby" when I was expecting the EFG are not only still in excellent condition and used weekly, but they are 16 years old now.  At a similar time, I bought some dark green secondhand towels from an Army surplus shop in Cupar, and they must be even older as they still have the soldiers' names written on them in black ink!  I bought two royal blue ones at the same time, which have developed a couple of holes, but they still do the job, so they are still in active service here too.  We don't throw things away here just because they are old, if they are still useful and usable.

I do have to start moving things on a little sometime very soon - there are too many books upstairs in the spare bedroom, and some are not going to be useful to anyone, so they might just have to go to the recycling yard, but I will try to find new homes for things if I can.

Tomorrow, I am looking forward to approximately 90 minutes of ME time!  The FH will be out at his lunch club, and the EFG is going to help a friend with some babysitting and decorating - she may be feeding/burping the baby or wielding a paintbrush, but she won't be here - so I will have the house to myself, and I can be quiet.  Bliss.  [I'm only whispering in case plans get changed...]


Lesley said...

We still have towels which were wedding presents 16 years ago and they are perfectly fine. I also hoard old tea towels and use them for cleaning cloths. They all get put into a bucket and washed when I do a hot wash. I'm quite glad no-one can see my washing line!

Varis Creations said...

Yup - we're still using towels and duvet covers we got as wedding presents nearly 18 years ago and I can see them going for a long time yet! In fact until very recently DD had a single duvet cover set on her bed that was mine when I was her age which makes it over 25 years old (!) it has now been retired but may come back to life in the form of a quilt frugal queen style :)

Morgan said...

Snap - the EFG has taken a fancy to a sheet and duvet set my mother bought me when I was 16, which makes it about 24 or so....it is a Dorma one, good quality and years of life left in it yet! I also have a set I bought secondhand on Crail airfield car boot prior to the EFG which is still doing very well! Some things are made to last, and it is worth buying quality when you can - that is what I admire about the Ivy Nest blog in that Tania has such beautiful vintage items in her kitchen, for example!