Monday, 2 July 2012

Challenge day 1

Success is a joy to report - I haven't spent anything today!

The meals all came from the storecupboards and the freezers, and I have only been in the village to a meeting at school, so I haven't used a lot of diesel today, either.

Our dinner tonight was Sticky Chicken - chicken thighs from the freezer, cooked for about 45 minutes and then coated in a gloopy mixture of tomato ketchup and golden syrup, with garlic cloves added.  This is then brushed onto the chicken and it is cooked for another 15 minutes to crisp up.  We had new potatoes [given by a friend], broccoli from the freezer [whoopsied, and I bought about 8 packs that night, so we still have lots more!], asparagus from the freezer for the FH, and carrots from Lidl.  The YFG has been and found a couple of chocolate digestive biscuits in the cupboard, but the rest of us are quite full now, thank you very much.

I'm not sure what tomorrow's evening meal will be as we are always late home on Tuesdays from gymnastics, so it is likely to be either something I make in the morning and reheat, or something very quick to cook like pasta.......will report back on that one.

I had a good rummage in the other two freezers today, and the bread/cake one has lots of provisions in the baked goods line, so that the girls and FH will be well provisioned in that department for at least a couple of weeks.

The fruit and veg freezer is more of a conundrum: it is filled with things which we are not so keen to eat - gooseberries, rhubarb, asparagus...maybe we should call it the FH's freezer.  We are donating a couple of tubs of stewed rhubarb to the Lunch Club this week and all the old dears are getting rhubarb crumble.  They have also had gooseberry fool courtesy of this freezer!

Today has been a good day, all in all: a successful meeting at school from 9-12, then a visit to a friend who has just had a baby - I was allowed a massive cuddle whilst I fed him a bottle, and then I came home and got on with some serious research on tinterweb, and to send some emails.  I've done some piano practise, hoed the garden, fed the chooks, done some washing, weeded the greenhouse, and cooked the dinner.  Just a little ironing to do tonight.

Hope you are having a good day xx

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