Wednesday, 4 July 2012

And then there are the freezers!

This is the meat freezer, which I have inventoried and established that there are at least 35 meals worth in there!  

This is the middle freezer, which should be for fruit and veg but it does have to take some overflow from the two smaller ones sometimes - there is a loaf of bread in there, and some chicken thighs! 

And this is the baked/bread store - although I can see some random strawberries have made their way in here somehow!  Rowan Hill bread from Lidl is the family favourite at the moment, and goes down well with them all, although the YFG prefers the white stuff.

Shadow the cat was wondering what all the photography was about, so thought she would post for a snap too!  This is her favourite snoozing spot in the verandah. 

Dwarf bean plants just emerging in the garden - a little late.

UJ donated some cabbage plants last week, but something has eaten a couple of leaves already so we will have to look for some netting to cover them up.

The lettuces are doing very well under the thick plastic cloches.  Unfortunately, so are the weeds, as I haven't had a chance to move the cloches to hoe around the lettuces.  I have hoed in between the rows of radishes, carrots and beetroot that the FH sowed, though.


Lesley said...

Thanks for all the photos! I only have the one freezer, but I think I could make better use of it. You are right about stocking up the cupboards when there are good offers...I might have to pay Approved Foods another visit. I love the way it is all so organised!

Morgan said...

Thanks, Lesley! It is the one area of my house which IS organised!!