Friday, 27 July 2012

Bees and bother

The YFG had her friend here overnight after their trip to Wicksteed last night, and I got them up and out this morning to go down the village to make a delivery and put some posters up for me, but that was when the bee bother began!

The FH has a small hive of bees in the garden, and they would swarm when he wasn't here, wouldn't they?  Luckily, although I have never seen a swarm before, I had heard enough about them to recognise one when I saw one, so when the girls came dashing in again and said that they couldn't go out as there were bees everywhere in the road, I realised I had to get the FH home again before they went too far and he lost them all!  I dashed off in the car to find him, and leave him a message to come straight home, and by the time I got home about 10 minutes later, the whole swarm had congregated very nicely into a ball, hanging in a neighbour's hedge.  The FH arrived home very shortly afterwards, and put on his protective gear, then went out with a small nucleus hive to recapture them all.  He had to leave the box in the hedge until this evening, but he has them safely contained, and they are to be relocated tomorrow to a friend a few villages away who needs more bees, as we seem to have more than enough here.

Apart from all that, we have had a lovely day.  Children have splashed in small paddling pools, washing has dried on the line, teenagers have made the barbeque for tea, and I have pottered around at my own speed, and drunk several cups of tea.  I helped the EFG to clean out the rabbits, and I have done my duty watering at my friend's house whilst she is enjoying her holiday in Cyprus.

The FH and the girls are now watching the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, but I can't possibly sit still for three hours, so I am popping in and out!  Hope you all have a lovely weekend, whatever you are doing xx

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