Wednesday, 4 July 2012

First week's shopping

Tomorrow began to look more and more complicated, and there doesn't look as if there is going to be a chance to get to the shop, so I went today instead, combining my trip to Lidl with a deposit at the bank, a list of shopping a friend needed as well, and dropping off the EFG for some more decorating/babysitting!

So that photo shows you what I bought:

2 bags of red apples @ £1.49 = £2.98
Mushrooms = 85p
Cauliflower = 99p (it is a big one under those leaves!)
2 bags of carrots @ 75p = £1.50
2.5kg potatoes = £1.09
Fairtrade bananas = £1
White grapes = £1.99
String bag of tomatoes = £1.49
Lettuce = 79p
Extra mature cheddar cheese = £2.49
Loaf of white bread = 85p

Total spent so far this week: £14.93
Amount left in budget: £5.07

This will supplement what we have in stock, so I will be doing some kind of meal plan later on and will share that soon.

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