Sunday, 8 July 2012

The tension...

I would say it is unbearable - but I am coping!  I have all my bits around me on the sofa, folders and calculators and general "stuff", and the laptop and I am watching the Wimbledon Men's final - Andy Murray is currently 1 set up on Federer but Federer is winning the games in the second set - ooops - no, they are now level at 4 games each!

The family, with UJ and one of the EFG's friends, has gone off to Peterborough to the East of England show, since we acquired some free tickets!  We just had to get a child ticket, and that was that - bargain.

So, I have been to church, made myself some lunch, had to do a little emergency household shopping (grocery budget is safe!) and then came home and decided to put my feet up!  There is a chicken in the slow cooker which will become tea when they all get home later, and I can enjoy the tennis in peace.

Tennis is not allowed, nor is football, when the FH is at home....


mallowlark said...

Also watching the tennis (whilst working on lecture slides for next week, honest)! On the positive side, it will be a really meaningful victory for either of them.

saving for travel said...

Yes, the match was very tense wasn't it? Andy Murray did brilliantly.

Just catching up with your latest news.

The shopping is going well.

And what a cute hedgehog!

Sft x