Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Making the most

I have had a little dabble on the internet this afternoon and been looking at the history of my phone usage on the contractor's website....downloaded all my bills for the past six months.

I used to easily spend £10 a month, usually more, on vouchers for my mobile phone, so I decided to have a more up to date phone on a contract.  The mobile is an easy way for me to keep in touch with the girls whilst they are out and about, and at school, as well as with friends.  However, it seems that I am not using it enough!

I have a package that allows me 5000 texts and 500 minutes' talktime a month.  Well, in the 5 months I have had it, I haven't used a month's worth of either!  Whoops.

So, I need to use the phone more...making more landline-type calls, phoning my friends from it instead of from my landline, maybe sending even more text messages!  We live and learn, as always, but this is something I was very glad to receive a timely reminder about in Martin's MSE email today.  I had thought about it before, but then today I read his comments, and thought to myself that I really ought to check my usage and make sure I am getting my money's worth.  I'm not, but I will!


saving for travel said...

Sounds like it's was worth the investigation.

Our energy bill increased by £17 per month today.

So I've joined Adsense and hope that we can raise a little bit of money that way.

Sft x

Morgan said...

I'm thrilled to be expecting a refund from Utility Warehouse of just over £100, and then our new DD to Scottish Power beginning today - at just £62 compared with £115! I dare say the £62 might rise a little, but it has a long way to go to get to the UW level.