Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Challenge update

I am surprised but happy to report that there has been no spending from the challenge grocery budget since that bunch of carrots last Thursday!  This week's £20 remains untouched...

So, we have no squash to drink, we are running short of cheese, the bananas are finished - does it matter?  People are drinking hot chocolate, milk and water instead of squash, and those of us who drink tea aren't that bothered, so we aren't missing it yet!  Cheese - well, that is a little challenge all of its own and I am going to have to buy some as the gang do like their cheese!  Complaints are coming in over the lack of cheese, so the shops are going to be visited tomorrow whilst the YFG has her piano lesson.  Bananas are on the list, as they have also eaten all the grapes and most of the apples have been devoured as well.

The cake tins are empty too, but I am not reminding them about that!  No time for baking yet!

The tax return is still under construction, so to speak, although all the documents have been put together and it is now just a matter of writing the thing!  Hoping to get it done tomorrow.  Really hoping.

The menu this week has been a bit hit and miss, largely based on what someone fishes out of the freezer each day - we had a roast chook on Sunday, Curry in a Hurry on Monday (I had a large mixed salad), last night they had a DIY type dinner - the FH and YFG went to a concert whilst the EFG and I were at gym, and they were supposed to feed themselves before they went - the FH said he wasn't hungry beforehand so didn't bother, and the YFG made herself some oven chips, but then when they got home, the FH was hungry and had to make himself a sandwich, the YFG cooked herself some rice concoction, the EFG had beans and toast and I had a couple of leftover sausages - quite a mish mash of food and far from ideal!

I'm going to try to make more effort in the menu planning department next week, when I hope to have more time as this week has just been manic.

Hope you are all doing well and if you have any more recipes to share for the chapel recipe book, please let me know where to find them on your blog, or send me a comment with the recipe in it.  I am looking for inspiration for Frugal Family Food ideas - which can includes cakes and bakes as well as cheaper family meals.


Mrs. Mac said...

What is 'squash' to drink? You are doing a good job of keeping on track with the grocery budget. Tonight I made a small pot of a summer soup from a few leftovers .. and a fresh (picked) garden salad .. so the meal was practically free :)

Morgan said...

Mrs Mac - squash? I don't know what you would call it, but it is fruit flavoured cordial, which we dilute with water to make a cold drink.

Thanks for your comment :)