Thursday, 26 July 2012

Busy days in the sunshine

Tuesday just flew past with the trip out, shopping!  The grocery budget remained intact, but we hit the gardening budget fairly hard, buying a new watering can, some weed membrane and some other little bits.  The household budget also purchased rubber gloves, and paper for the printer.

After fetching the EFG's friend, and finishing the shopping trip, we got home about 5pm, and then they watched some films and relaxed, whilst I pottered in the garden some more - we have put the gazebo up in the garden for some shade, so I did enjoy a cup of tea and read of a book for a while before cooking the tea for 8pm - it was too hot to eat much earlier.

Yesterday the EFG and her friend were up early and off to the train station for a 9something train into Cambridge - the YFG and I dropped them off and bought their tickets.  A few texts during the day kept us up to speed on where they were and what they were doing but the focus of their day was a visit to the Cambridge University Botanic Garden where they took loads of photos and enjoyed the sun, as well as getting some shade too in the cafe, where I understand refreshments were also enjoyed!

UJ was here yesterday for the last lunch of the season as the club is breaking for the whole of August with various helpers being away.  I have told the little group that the FH looks after that I will cook on the 2nd and 4th weeks, so they have to amuse themselves the other three weeks - they will be out and about with the FH to places, so they won't starve, I'm sure!

Last night I did a little more gardening, planting some last dwarf/French beans, and discovering that some the FH planted earlier in the year as dwarf ones are actually climbing ones, and because of where he planted them, they have nowhere to climb...sticks will have to be inserted, perhaps.

Today we are up and about early again because the FH is taking the YFG and her friend to Wicksteed Park in Kettering, her favourite place.  I have to take my car to be serviced and MOT'd, so I will be having a day at home today.  Cleaning the kitchen and cleaning out the chickens are on the agenda, and must be achieved, so no slacking here!!  The weather right now is cool and cloudy but I am pretty sure another hot day is on the cards, so best to get started early so I can relax when it is at its hottest.


Poppy said...

I was brought up in Cambridge and my cousins lived within walking distance of the Botanical gardens. Many a day was spent there with picnics. I didn't realise how special it was until I left. I have recently been back and highly recommend it if anyone if going that way. I thought I was dreaming when I saw a deer but others had seen them to.

Enjoy your day at home.

Angela said...

I went on a Sunday School Trip to Wicksteed when I was a child - then we took our own kids there

happy memories!!