Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Week 1 spending so far

A quick trip to town this morning and I decided to go to Lidl instead of Tesco, hoping for less temptations. It was the right choice, as I spent only £9.74 - and this is what I bought for the money:

4 pints semi-skimmed milk £1.00
Pack of 4 white pitta bread 39p
Carrots 69p
Broccoli 79p
Braeburn apples £1.39
Mature cheddar £1.49
Small bananas 99p
Grapes - two punnets for £3.

After leaving Lidl's, I went off to the vegetable nursery where I purchased 10 Little Gem lettuce plugs for £1 so that also needs to be included as we will be eating them eventually. They are safely planted in the garden now, and are intended to "plug" (sorry!) the gap between the ones I bought earlier in the season, which will be ready in a week or two, and the seedlings which won't be ready for ages! Can't quite get the hang of this succession sowing lark yet!

So, total so far - £1.60 + £9.74 + £1 = £12.34

£100 divided by the seven weeks is only £14 a week, so I am hoping that I am done shopping for this week!!

Tonight the FH will be cooking whilst we are at the gym and he has corned beef hash on the menu - corned beef from the storecupboard stash, to which he will add sweet potatoes and courgettes from the fridge, an onion and from the freezer, he will have to defrost some tomatoes. There are also potatoes left from the holiday which I think he will probably use up tonight.

I think that we will be eating more rice and pasta meals, as I have loads of that in stock, rather than quite as many potatoes as we have had lately.

There is quite a lot of chicken in the freezer so if anyone has any interesting but cheap chicken meals to share, I'm interested!

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