Sunday, 19 June 2011

It's Showtime!

Cakes in the food section - these are from a lady called Katy in Grantham - the most gorgeous looking cupcakes with fab decorations - and not expensive, really, when you consider the work that had gone into them: 4 for £5 in a cakebox. We drooled, politely..

A pensive Golden Guernsey goat in the RBST tent. The EFG went around taking the pictures whilst the YFG and I were doing a quiz. We got all the answers right, of course, and were rewarded with a small prize; I think the YFG chose a pen. It was interesting, and I may join the RBST eventually...
Miniature llamas, related to camels, funny looking giraffes - all comments I heard children make near these lovely alpacas. They aren't very big at all and seemed quite docile, but the FGs were concerned that they might spit, so we didn't get too close!

They loved eating from the hay in their rack.

I'm ashamed to say that I have forgotten which breed of pigs these piglets were there to represent in the RBST tent. They were there with their mum, and when we went in, they were all fast asleep for their afternoon nap, including mum!

Apart from all of that, the FH watched the White Helmets, the Royal Signals motorbike display team, and we all had a good mooch around.

The YFG took part in a grand cookery section where over a hundred children took part at a time! There were four timed slots, each with about 105 children, and she got into the last one at 3pm. They each made their very own strawberry, apple and rhubarb crumble, and then did some activities whilst they cooked, and came away with a cooked crumble and some Rhodda's clotted cream, with a goody bag too. She enjoyed that.

A little shopping was done not to say too much about that as I bought a number of gifts which I shall keep quiet about until the birthdays have passed!

We bought some Highland beef burgers for our tea, which I made when we got in, with some oven chips. They were very meaty and the folks liked them.

My dad came over this evening with his holiday photos and some small gifts for the girls, including the chocolates which his cabin steward left on his pillow each evening - he saved them up and brought them for the girls!

Hope you have all had a good weekend.

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Thanks for the information and great photos. Looks like the whole family had lots of fun!

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