Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Blogger madness and eggs

The stats page is now regularly showing more than 200 pageviews a day - that's not sensible!

Eggs: well, I have loaded the incubator up this morning with another two dozen GPO eggs, and then one of the dear GPOs has gone broody on me! She was in the nest box yesterday when I went for the eggs, and then she was still there at bedtime last night, so I had my suspicions, but they have been confirmed today as she has sat there, quite tightly, all day....so now I have a conundrum - to let her sit or not? Will consider that, and report back later in the week.


silversewer said...

I was astounded this morning checked my stats 505 page views, where do they all come from???? Its a good job they do not all leave comments, it would take me all day to read them!!!

saving for travel said...

Let us know what you decide.

LOL at blog stats.

Morgan said...

I'm running out of houses to let her sit in, so I am still thinking about this one!