Friday, 17 June 2011

Thanks for the end of the week

That was a long week, and it has had its ups and downs.

A friend on the phone in tears this afternoon broke my heart, and I feel so helpless that there is nothing I can do to help her in her particular situation, but she had family on the way to be with her, and just needed someone to talk to whilst they travelled to her side. She is in a really tough place, and I wanted to go to her and give her a big hug! She'll be in my thoughts and prayers now.

It's raining again - I feel like doing the rain dance to celebrate the garden getting a fantastic soaking tonight. The ground was like dust and it so needs this moisture for the beans and courgettes in particular. It wasn't so much fun for the EFG who got rather wet when she went out to shut up the chook houses tonight.

This weekend is the East of England show, and I have some tickets, so I am really hoping for a fine-ish day on Sunday so that we can nip to Peterborough and have a good poke around the show. Since it is Father's Day, I thought that it would be a good day out that the FH would enjoy. We are watching the weather forecasts closely to see whether it will be a goer or not. Fingers crossed.

The weeks are counting down to another gymnastics competition on 2nd July, so we are working hard on routines for that. It is a fairly local competition, but we haven't entered it for several years (OK, four years!) so I am not sure what the level of the other entries will be like - I think I am more nervous for the children than they are. But before that on the 26 June, I am going to go to Stevenage to watch a competition in which we have no entrants this year, but which we hope to enter next year - if I can go along this year and suss it out!! Should be interesting, and it is to be held at a very good gym facility so I am going to be going green with envy at the equipment, I just know.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, whatever you are doing.

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saving for travel said...

Sorry to hear about your friend.

Hope you enjoyed the show! Can't wait to hear about it.