Thursday, 23 June 2011

Time's a wasting!

I was bitten on the bum, so to speak, yesterday when someone whose opinions I respect, told me that he had had enough of people telling me that they hadn't got time to do something. He explained that we all have the same amount of time, and that there are some jobs where you will never get everything done, or get the job finished, so you must decide what your priorities are, and do those things first. If there is time left over, by all means do the things lower down the list.

So I thought about that last night, and cancelled something this afternoon which was actually not that important that I attend, so I stayed at home and did some things here - taxed my car, paid some bills, changed my internet/phone provider, cleaned my oven, sorted some paperwork out for tomorrow, did some washing etc. All things I had been putting off for a little while...

Thursday would be a good day for me to say, "no" to a lot of things and have as an "at home" day, because I don't have to go out until 3.30pm and then only for about an hour to take the YFG and her friend to their piano lessons. I think I may begin to plan that as a day at home, when I can put housework and gardening at the top of the list.

Next Thursday the girls' school is going to close because of the proposed teachers' strike. I'm not politically minded, and the last time the FH was a teacher and there was a strike, he went in anyway and did some prep work to make use of the time, so we are hardly qualified to comment on that situation. As Chair of Governors at a primary school, the headteacher I am working with now has a constant question he uses when he is making a decision - "What is best for the children?" and I am fast coming to the conclusion that he is right (I know he is right - the school he usually runs is "outstanding" so he knows what he is talking about and I am very lucky to have him half the week!) and that with that as the central focus, we should be on the right track, so on that basis, I don't think striking is a good thing, because it is not what is best for the children. Losing a day's education can't be best. I am relieved that none of our teachers are going to strike, so the school here will remain open. Whatever my thoughts, however, I am totally aware that everyone has their own opinion, so you are entitled to disagree - and I am sure some of you will!!

The new black hens are laying - and I am so pleased. We have been getting the odd egg now and again over the past two weeks, but both yesterday and today we got 5 and they are beautiful brown eggs - quite petite so far, but pullet eggs often are. They are getting into the swing of it now and I am hoping that with 12 of them, we should be getting about 8 - 10 eggs a day eventually - fingers crossed.

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