Sunday, 12 June 2011

Weather watch

Parts of the Anglia region have officially been declared a drought region because of the extremely low levels of moisture in the soil, and I can quite believe it - parts of the garden are like dust if we don't keep it all watered well. I am making good use of the water butt and my trusty watering can. Still, there was a very heavy downpour on Friday night but there is no evidence of that rain left - the dry weather since has evaporated all that moisture, it would appear. The weather forecast which was given a few days ago for today said that it would rain heavily here today in a prolonged manner - we can hope! Although the FH is having a little demonstration area with his beekeeping stuff at a local farm for Open Farm Sunday, so I suppose I had better not hope for rain, for his sake.

I am cooking a chicken for tonight's supper in the slow cooker. Last night I made Toad in the Hole in the Remoska, and I am making a real effort to make economical use of the oven, or to keep it turned off. Rather than leave the computer on all day if I am home so that I can pop on and off for 5 minutes here and there, I am coming and having a quick look and then turning it all off. Why? Because we are using about £70 of electricity a month at the moment, and it has got to be reduced!!

Had to buy potatoes and apples yesterday so I will dig out the receipt later and bring my spending total up to date.


Lesley said...

It's certainly rained heavily here in the South East today. My garden is loving it! It would be good if it stuck around for a little while, although getting school uniform dry could be a challenge!

Morgan said...

Yes, it has been raining steadily all day, and the garden is looking greener, at last!