Wednesday, 8 June 2011

How does your garden grow?

There are no pretty maids here, just runner beans! This is the runner bean support we have made out of the old swing which we were given - I am hoping that it will be sturdy enough to stand up to the wind. My teepee arrangements usually end up blowing over at some point each summer... On the right you can see the little row of lettuces which I bought and planted yesterday - they are "Little Gem".

These are the lettuces I am growing from seed - one lot of them, anyway: there is another batch at a lesser stage of development.

And these I bought and planted earlier in the season - they seem to have come on all of a sudden. I think we may start to eat them this weekend.

I have no idea if this will work, but I planted the dwarf beans in clumps this year, instead of the rows I usually use. They were certainly easier to plant, but whether it will have any effect on the outcome, we'll have to let you know later.

These are the courgettes, with a rogue sunflower, a couple of marigolds and a petunia just lurking in the bottom corner there. This bed looks empty at the moment, but when those courgettes take off, it will soon look overcrowded!

There is less hurry clearing the remaining bed now, as the curly kale and sprouting broccoli seedlings have all died. That happened with the kale last year, and I don't understand why. They get to a certain stage, and then keel over. I am going to sow more kale, but I am giving up on the broccoli!

How's your garden looking?


Lesley said...

My garden looks to be at about the same stage as yours, if not as organised! We only have a small garden but manage to cram in quite a few different crops. My beans are starting to reach for the skies and my potatoes constantly need earthing up. I'm just about to eat the first lettuces, I've got some seedlings on the way but they appear to be a bit slower. We also have two fruit trees but the "June drop" has been huge, so I'm not expecting much from them!

Morgan said...

Our fruit trees have suffered too, and I think that the apple tree has a solitary fruit, and there might be a handful of plums - but there's still a while before they will be ripe and who knows whether they will last that long?!