Thursday, 9 June 2011


I had a little challenge in my own mind, and it has been lurking there for quite some time. I have been tracking pageviews on the stats page, and it has been up and down - sometimes quite a bit more "down" than "up". I thought I would be rather pleased to get to 100 in a day, and so I thought that would be something to aim for.

88 came and went some time ago, but it never stretched any higher than that, and with being away last week, I dipped quite low as there was nothing new to read.

Then, wham! All of a sudden, yesterday, 164 pageviews! 164 - almost double the previous high!

I did a little dance!

I squealed!

Then I sat down and thought about how that had happened, and I can only think that the post about "Poor kids" really touched a nerve somewhere. It had touched me, and others were interested to read it too, I suppose. So, actually, after all my excitement, I wasn't that pleased to get a high page view count on the day I wrote about childhood poverty in the UK. But if a few more people go and watch the programme on iPlayer because of what I wrote, I guess it did some good.

PS In that case, could I have some more Followers, please?


Albedo said...

Don't get all excited too soon Morgan; I've just looked at my stats and there's something very odd. After a previous high of around 35 for the year, and a mere 20-something on Tuesday, an astonishing 174 hits were supposedly registered yesterday, and 52 so far today. Why is that odd? Well, looking at the posts breakdown for the same period shows only 18 page hits, and the URL (traffic sources) breakdown shows 136 from the same place! Highly fishy, especially as our internet was down yesterday after lightning strikes in the area. So don't go expecting more followers just yet!

Morgan said...

It is all a bit weird, I agree - although I can see where most of the traffic is coming from - I have consistently had a high volume from silversewer's blog, and she's still my top referral.

I'm not doing this for any financial gain, so there is no benefit to me to have a high volume of traffic - it's just quite nice to think that people are reading my ramblings!!

saving for travel said...

Well, I completely missing the programme and wouldn't have known about it until you mentioned it.

I was also touched by 11 year old Sam.

Thank you for that post.

Sft x