Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Storecupboard stash

The stores are getting depleted already!

It is the basic, everyday items which we are running out of first: the squash is finished, so they are having to drink water or hot chocolate; the last tin of tuna was eaten yesterday and that is all the tinned fish finished (try saying that quickly!); the last pack of UHT milk has been opened so then we will be moving on to the dried, but whether to tell them that, or just to make it up and put it in a jug...mmm..not sure about that one yet.

Space is developing in the freezer - although the FH took up bartering at the weekend and gave away two jars of honey in exchange for two pounds of sausages and 2 packs of 8 pork burgers - I think we got the best end of that deal somehow. There is still a lot of chicken in there.

The YFG was hunting around last night for a snack and said, "There's nothing to eat!" and I resisted the temptation to say too much, but then she came back and asked if she could make some cakes! She made a batch of carrot buns, which have helped to pad out the lunchboxes this morning.

Tonight's supper is looking OK though - they are having some of the sausages, and I will have some frozen white fish (steamed in a parcel with lemon juice, over the potatoes) with said potatoes and a selection of vegetables from the freezer. I think that I may try some kind of suet pudding with a pack of ready mix from Approved Foods - we have loads of jam, after all, and it will fill them up till bedtime.

We were given a couple of bunches of beetroot yesterday, so that is going to necessitate the purchase of some vinegar for pickling, unless I can magically find some in the back of a cupboard. The same kind benefactor also brought a bag of blackcurrants, which the FH said we should put in the freezer. I declined and asked him to top and tail them for me whilst I am out and then I can try out the jelly bag which UJ lent me, and see if I can produce blackcurrant jelly - I think it would be nice on the side with meat, a bit like cranberry jelly, perhaps. If that fails, I am sure it would be OK on toast.

And so, with all this creativity, have I put money into the savings account? N.O. This has come along at the right time, though, as I have had to spend £30 on printer ink and £60 on new clothes for the EFG.

The EFG and clothes have a serious love-hate relationship. She hates most clothes and then when she finds something she likes, she loves it to death, wears it out, and wants a replacement exactly the same...so I sometimes buy more than one. She tends to get paint on her clothes, or stains of various kinds, so she can be a nightmare to take out because she will end up wearing jeans and some kind of top time and time again. I love her to bits, whatever she wears! But, the time has come when she has to smarten up and have some decent clothing to go out in: she had an interview yesterday for work experience, at a school, and she has to go in her own clothes each day, looking "smart casual". Challenge.......She's a larger young person, but she is short...really quite short...not an average shape...she's an individual, as we all are. So we went to Asda, and hit the jackpot - some "smart casual" clothes which co-ordinate. She chose some lovely navy blue based separates, including a pair of navy trousers, so what with her school trousers and a blouse she already had, I think we can squeak through 10 days of work experience with enough outfits to give me time to wash them in between wears, if you see what I mean. Must get the trousers turned up before July, though!!

So, although I have had a major expense this week, it hasn't hit us hard as we have cut back elsewhere, as we had planned, and this has compensated adequately. Maybe we will get some money saved in the bank next week.

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The Squirrel Family said...

well done on resisting the urge to grocery shop and well done with the clothes shop