Monday, 6 June 2011

Day 1 disaster!

I am £1.60 down already and not a lot to show for it!

UJ had a loaf of bread open whilst he was here looking after everything, and I went to it this morning to make a sandwich for the YFG's lunchbox. I made the sandwich, cut the crusts off as she likes, and passed over the lunchbox to her to put in her bag. The loaf of bread sat very demurely on the side, and never gave a clue. Three minutes before she was due to go, I picked up the loaf of bread to get to something behind it, and wham! A HUGE black patch of mould was lurking the other side of the loaf.........I had to grab the sandwich out of the lunchbox and hand over enough cash to enable her to buy a baguette or wrap from the cafeteria at school. The bread I made the sandwich from actually looked fine, but if she had eaten it and become ill, I wouldn't have forgiven myself, so I paid up. Lesson of the day - check the bread earlier when you want to make sandwiches so that you have time to get more out of the freezer if necessary.

Tonight, the gang have had a minced beef and onion pie, potatoes and cabbage, and I have had a similar concoction, but with cold roast beef left over from yesterday instead of the pie.

I haven't had a chance to look at the stores yet today - it's been a busy day! Quick trip to school, and chat with the Head, meeting at chapel about the holiday club, lunch, knitting whilst watching the news, paperwork, washing, bit of tidying etc, a friend came round for a chat, and then cooking the tea. I'm off now to clear up the kitchen and bring in some washing, and then I should have time to consider the options for the week. Lunchbox food is going to be a Challenge in itself!


saving for travel said...

Sounds like you have alot on your plate..

Hope the challenge gets better for you this morning.

Sft x

The Squirrel Family said...

ouch..........i find packed lunch a challenge too