Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The towel is in the ring

Yes, I have to throw the towel in over the £100 challenge. We just can't do it at the moment - and for such an extended period. When I weighed up the health consequences, it wasn't right - we could keep going on what we have in stock, but it wouldn't be a very balanced diet at all!! We have still got a lot of meat in the freezer, but we need to buy more fresh food on a more regular basis than we have done over the past almost three weeks. By fresh food, I mean raw food, I suppose - carrots, apples, grapes, etc that I can use for lunchboxes and snacking - too many snacks were being eaten from the wrong food groups!

BUT I have managed to get about £200 put away, and I haven't done a "big" shop yet. I have still, as I said, got plenty of food in the house, but it just needs to be supplemented. I will have to go shopping at some point, probably today, because the lunch boxes were a mighty struggle this morning, and it defeats the object if child B asks for money to buy a fruit bag from the canteen!

So, challenge abandoned for now, but new lessons learned - and it does not mean a licence to go mad in the shops - I will continue to buy just what we need for the next few weeks, so that I can put more money in the savings, and then I will go back to building the stores up for the winter - the longest day is here today, so the tide is turning again, back towards the winter. Can't believe it is the longest day already!!


saving for travel said...

Well done for saving £200. That is excellent!

Sft x

Lesley said...

That must be very frustrating for you! At least your cupboards and freezer are emptier. In the end, you have to do the right thing by your family. I have been trying to use up some of my stores, but then I just replace them with AF goodies!

Kim said...

I think that you did the right thing,it's important to stay healthy and eat right too.
I haven't set a target yet but I am going to try & only use what I have in the house this month, only buying fresh veg, fruit & milk and what I save I will pay off our debt.