Friday, 24 June 2011

Meant well mix up

We have a problem with the washing machine in the utility room at the moment, so the FH plumbed in a spare one that a neighbour gave us, but that one is in the workshop, down the yard.

I have had several loads of washing to do today, and when I went out this afternoon to gym, there were still two baskets of washing to be done, left in the utility room.

Imagine my surprise to come home tonight and find all the washing ironed and piled neatly on the table - including the bed linen I knew I hadn't washed yet. Yes - the FH had ironed it for me - bless him and his good intentions - but it all has to go in the washer in the morning!!


The Squirrel Family said...

poor hubby....don't tell him or he may never take the initiative again

Albedo said...


Kim said...

He meant't well, poor love!
I have a BIL who was always unloading the dishwasher BEFORE the stuff was washed. My Sister didn't have the heart to tell him for ages.

Morgan said...

Kim - he has done that too!!

yeractual said...

Like the Hens/Chooks. Hope they're productive, too; 8 to 10 a day seems reasonable to me from a dozen pullets. Love the idea of ironing the dirty! washing before it reached the machine. This could set a whole new trend, I reckon. Just found your blog through a Hebridean blogger, I follow. Enjoyable stuff. Best.