Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Methodical Monday

Yesterday was a more peaceful day! The FH took the YFG to Cambridge in the morning to the orthodontist to get her braces checked, and she came out with the wires having been altered, which means that today, she is in pain and can't eat a lot! Back to the spaghetti hoops and macaroni cheese for a couple of days, I think. I am sending her to school with a most unhealthy lunch, a slice of soft ginger cake and a Muller corner yoghurt, but also with £2 so that she can buy something from the cafe if there is anything there that she thinks she can eat.

Whilst the FH was out, I took advantage of the quiet to do one of the Davina workouts for half an hour! Then I had a shower and hit the ironing pile again - and got through it.....but made more by changing our bed and doing a load of washing. It was very damp and drizzly yesterday so I am still not able to hang washing right outside, it only gets as far as the verandah, so that is where I will be hanging it all out this morning. I am very envious of people who are saying that they are able to hang washing outside!!

At 1.30pm I was at the school for a meeting with the Head about the procedures for recruiting a new Head since she is retiring. That lasted until nearly 3pm, when I then came home and grabbed a pair of the EFG's jeans that need shortening, and went off to the town to pick the girls up from school and take the jeans to the shop. We stopped off at the supermarket for supplies, a friend's house for a quick chat, and the Post Office, and got home by 5pm.

The YFG has been asking for lasagne for a while now, and it is such a faff to make that I keep putting it off, but I made it last night - one to eat and one to freeze! The second one was bunged in the fridge last night, so that will make it into the freezer today.

Some darling girls we know who are triplets have their birthday today, so I wrapped their gifts last night and popped along to their house quite late when I knew they would be in bed! Chatting with their mum meant that when I got home last night it was gone 10pm, and time for bed.

Today the EFG has a GCSE Maths exam, so she is a bit nervous and says she can't remember much, although she does OK in tests, so I have my fingers and toes crossed for her. She did an English paper yesterday on John Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men" which the other kids did the week before half term when she was off sick. She thinks it went OK!

And so off into the day we go again - hope you all have a good one...

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