Sunday, 27 March 2011

Good things all round

Today has been an all round good day.

The FH toddled off early to the poultry auction with his friend, and came home happy that they had all sold. He wasn't that happy about the prices that were achieved, but then again he isn't sure that he heard the prices right for all the pens. Each pen is supposed to be at least £25, so it wasn't too bad. Some of them made more, so I will look for the cheque in the post in a couple of weeks, and see what I get then.

After he left, I sorted out the remaining chooks into breeding pens. There are now several ready to be producing hatching eggs - Lancelot and his wives in the Brown Sussex team and Butch and his harem in the Gold Partridge Orpington team (must trim their bottom feathers!) and then each breed also has a reserve cockerel and five hens to grow on for next year's breeding as they should be a year old before they are used for breeding. There is a trio of Barred Plymouth Rock, which are for the Brussbar programme. The flock of Light Sussex are just for eggs, and have no cockerel - he made a good dinner a few weeks back. Now there will be three pens empty in the system, so I am going to attempt to grass them over so that I can rotate the chooks around later in the season and give them access to grass.

Lots and lots of washing has been out on the line, blowing madly in the breeze and has come in smelling most divinely of fresh air - no need for fancy conditioners here to add the freshness! I have also done some gardening and potting up, weeding and generally tidying - it has been lovely to spend some more time in the garden and I have enjoyed the day. A friend came along and bought some books, and then when I was picking up the YFG from a sleepover this morning, I noticed that a lady I know had a bike for sale, just like mine, but for only £30 - so knowing that the EFG's bike is worn out, we went and had a look! It is a good bike, and the lady is only selling it because she has a bad knee, so I bought it and the YFG rode it home. The FH will check it over for me, but I am pretty sure we will be making good use of it - it was a bargain!

I have made some more bread today - mixed early this afternoon and cooking now in batches. Smells are wafting around and making the house very fragrant!


The Squirrel Family said...

sounds like you are getting ready for spring ......

Morgan said...

Absolutely - can't wait!