Saturday, 26 March 2011

I have a man!

Provocative title this morning!! It has seemed that the primary teaching profession has become dominated by women, and indeed, the first three people to want to look around the school with a view to applying for the headship have been women. But now, I have a man wanting to look around.....hence my title today. One man, three women - he's outnumbered before he starts, but on the internet, he looks as if he has the experience, so we'll have to wait and see what he's like next week, and whether we sufficiently inspire him to apply for the job.

Today has started slightly overcast and chilly but I am hoping that it at least stays dry so that the chooks who are going to be sold tomorrow don't get muddy. They will be selected tonight in the last hours of daylight, separated and thus be ready to be boxed up early in the morning. They don't like that bit, but they'll be OK - I hope that they all find good new homes.

This afternoon I'll be cleaning the hen houses out, and maybe trying to get another veg bed dug over as well. Lots to do in the garden at this time of year - and I think that tonight is clock-change night as well so I must check that as we don't want to be late anywhere in the morning.

Better get going - washing to hang and all that!

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The Squirrel Family said...

I hate the way that women dominate primary schools ....not one in particular just generally. our Primary has just took on a male teacher cum deputy head and my son for one is flourishing

Dis you see the school for boys thing a while back...interesting stuff . I do believe boys and girls learn differently,, and this just reinforced my beliefs