Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Bad day in school

The smelly stuff is well and truly beginning to hit the fan, and I may as well have a bed made up in the school as I am spending hours in there. I was in there yesterday for a couple of hours, and have at least five hours of meetings there tomorrow. Life is a huge challenge at the moment to cope with it all, and to support those who are at the sharp end. Tempers are getting very frayed, a lot of people are worried to death, and me, I keep saying, "Look on the bright side" or "Let's think positively!" - I'm sure someone will want to wallop me soon, but that is the way I think! So, I'm sorry, but I am managing to go to work at gym, to look after the chooks, and the family, but there is almost no housework getting done (What's new!?!) and I dare say I'll be noticeable by my absence here until perhaps the weekend.

I must try to get a working camera sorted out and take more photos!


Wannabe Sybil said...

People like you are the ones who help the world work. Wishing you all the good luck in the world. WS x

Morgan said...

Thank you, Sybil! We're going to need a lot more than luck at the moment. I've been at school for ages, and got home at 7.15pm, with brain strain! I'm in there again in the morning, but then I get to go and do some gym in the afternoon for some light relief.

Hugs - your thoughts are always much appreciated. xx

Lesley said...

Thinking of you, Morgan!