Sunday, 13 March 2011

Restful day - not!

Sunday being a day of rest....I wish. I had two loads of washing on the line and the chooks fed and watered before 8am, off to chapel to help lead the service at 9am, and I was home, making marmalade and bread soon after 11am......then it went pear-shaped for a little while whilst I took some time out to eat lunch and watch an old Bronson video with the FH. The girls went out - my sister came and picked them up at about 11.45am and took them back to town with her. The YFG wanted to earn some more pocket money for her new phone, so my sister offered to let her do some jobs for her, and the EFG went to her friend's house for the afternoon.

The FH and I pottered in the garden after lunch and cleaned out another chicken house, and then I went off to collect up my girls again. When we got home, I knocked the dough back and left it to rise again, and then it was baked whilst I was cooking the supper. The FH helpfully did the ironing during the day, which was a load off my list. I also arranged collection by courier tomorrow for a beehive which is off to Burton-on-Trent. That will be picked up in the morning, and should be at the purchaser's address by Tuesday evening.

Tonight I have helped the FH to move some chooks around from one house to another, shut the rest up, and had a bath. The girls are still moving around upstairs, so I must go and hassle them towards their beds.

Hope you have all had a good weekend. I count 12 jars of marmalade, 6 loaves and 17 rolls as a success for today!


Mrs. Mac said...

You have been busy. I bet the bread and marmalade are very good. We are almost out of homemade jam and jelly .. I'm glad I froze some berries .. will have to make some more.

Wannabe Sybil said...

Wow - a good tally! WS x

Morgan said...

Yes, I have a lot of frozen blackcurrants which I want to use to make blackcurrant jelly (ie drained through a jelly bag so I only get the juice, not the pulp) but I have to wait for my uncle to bring the jelly bag over!!