Thursday, 3 March 2011

Dry weather - hurray!

I was over the moon last night when the weather forecaster announced dry weather for the next five days - the chance for the hen runs to begin to dry out a little at last!! Mud is a big issue, and as much straw as I keep putting down, it still doesn't help if the rain is near constant.....but a few dry days will give us all some respite from the gloop - thank you, weather - and I don't mind if it does have to be cold with the dryness, as long as it is dry!

And the other big news for us yesterday was that it was actually dry and windy enough to get some washing dried on the outside line - all that damp weather previously has meant that it was a waste of time pegging out, but I have a basketful of delightfully fresh smelling towels which blew in the wind yesterday - a wonderful smell.

The hens enjoyed themselves yesterday after I had given the hen house its weekly clean - fresh shavings and chopped straw make a wonderful bathing opportunity for them, and they all come rushing into their sections of the house as soon as I open the doors up again, and they make such a kerfuffle in the shavings that it is a joy to watch them enjoying themselves - and there are young hens laying their first eggs all the time now - they will soon all be in lay.

I had a quick dash to town yesterday in between the chicken shed cleaning and a school meeting, so that I could put some cheques in the bank and get change as I am running a booksale tomorrow morning at a local school so that the children get the chance to spend their World Book Day vouchers. It will be an early start for me as I have to be there for 8.15am to get set up and ready to sell from 8.45am! Should all be done by 10am though, so I can come home and put my feet up with a cuppa for a couple of hours before gym.

Today I have no school meeting, thank goodness, and only an afterschool gym club to run later on. I don't have to go anywhere or be anywhere until about 2.15pm so I can move a little more slowly this morning.......I have spared a thought for the Head Coach who should right now be in the air on his way to his week's holiday somewhere warm - Lanzarote? Tenerife? - not sure! He and his wife had to leave home at 5am this morning....

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