Wednesday, 16 March 2011


We've had a "cracking" number of eggs today - 15 - the highest daily tally from this laying season so far! Having been out this afternoon, the eggs hadn't been all collected this afternoon, so when the FH told me he had brought in 5 this afternoon and promptly sold them to a lady who came to the door, I was pleased at the sale. But then I wanted an egg to make a quick microwave sponge pud - and there were no eggs! I had to go rummaging around in the hen houses in the dark to find an egg - and I hit the jackpot and came in with 10, taking the day's total to 15!! So pleased that they are getting into the swing of the idea...and they are getting so much better at actually laying in the nestboxes.

Been a busy day - rather brain straining, so I am off to sleep now - good night!

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The Squirrel Family said...


i am getting 13 eggs a day.....but mine are diddy quails ones :)