Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Wednesday wanderings

It's my mind that has been wandering - I start something, think about something else, nip off to go and do something else, and I've lost the plot for the day completely! I had plans this morning that included cleaning out chooks, making banana bread, putting clean clothes away etc and instead I have had to have various conversations by email and telephone and I haven't got much of that stuff done at all!! I did get the ironing finished up at lunchtime, and the YFG has been cleaning the kitchen up tonight to earn herself some extra pocket money, so the chores are still getting done...

I have just watched Guy Martin on BBC1 on a programme about a narrowboat, and I can't recommend it highly enough! I sat there the full half hour with a smile on my face...he is like a younger version of Fred Dibnah in his inquisitive nature and his old-fashioned respect for the likes of Watt and Crapper, but he is a bit more lively in his presenting style, and I would say appeals to a much wider audience. I hadn't a clue who he was last week when I watched the first episode but to those in the know, apparently he's a motorbike racer from Lincolnshire with fans worldwide - who'd have thought it?!

The girls are watching Waterloo Road now, whilst eating their tea. The FH went out to lunch and is now asleep with a banging headache - I think a bad cold or a touch of a fluey illness is on its way for him. He'll be off to bed shortly, I think.

Night, all!

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