Thursday, 31 March 2011

Busy busy!

Yesterday flew past, and I think that today is going in the same vein - but then it is nearly Easter, or at least the Easter holidays from school, and it seems that just last week it was Christmas! I haven't had a chance to think about spring cleaning, or Easter much either [although I do have that 58p leg of lamb at the ready!] so it's time thoughts turned homeward.

Home. Where one of my dear relatives should have been yesterday and wasn't, and then my two girls were left wondering where everyone was when they got home. UJ was going to come here to lunch with the FH at the lunch club, as he does every week, but then he was going to have to nip off to meet my dad and MB off the coach from their latest holiday. He would need to take my dad's car as they had 4 suitcases, and he has a Vauxhall Corsa and wouldn't fit it all in. So the FH and I were mystified when he arrived here at 11am in his own car - then he said that dad's wouldn't start! When they went to lunch, the plan was that the FH would go to do the taxi trip in the Volvo, and UJ would stay here........I went off to school for meetings at 1pm and 3.30pm, came home at 4.45pm and there was no one here! No children, no UJ. My lightbulb went on in my brain and I started to wonder where the girls were.....they were at a friend's house around the corner, thank goodness, after they had tried to get in over the back gate. They had managed it, and got their key in the back door but then been frustrated to find that I had left the other key on the inside! They were remarkably forgiving, but I felt rather angry that the menfolk hadn't followed the plan, and the FH had taken UJ along for the ride!

Last night, the EFG was at Brownies/Guides where she volunteers and the FH and UJ went to the History Society talk in the village, about a local Roman excavation, which was interesting. I took the chapel Steward to the Circuit meeting, and so the YFG went next door to our lovely neighbours and had a great time, playing with them on the XBOX and eating pancakes! She probably had the best evening of the lot of us!

And so to today.......I'm really looking forward to Easter and the school being closed for a couple of weeks - I am looking forward to sleeping in a few times, to cleaning the house properly and doing things with the girls! I'm tired now. Hugs to everyone, and take care of yourselves.

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