Saturday, 19 March 2011

School and more

Yes, I was back in there yesterday - thought it would just be for assembly but ended up being all morning, went home at 1.30pm for an hour and then had to be back to prepare and do a staff meeting at 3pm for half an hour.

I enjoyed gym last night in the sense of being somewhere else and taking my mind off the situation, but I had terrible cramp in both my feet for several hours, which ended up with the Head Coach telling the EFG to take me to the kitchen and put my feet in some hot water to relax the muscles. That helped for a couple of hours but by 11pm I had to have a hot bath as the spasm had gone into the shin of one leg - agony!

The FH managed to get four adult FREE tickets to the Shire Horse show tomorrow so I am hoping we are all fit and well and raring to go tomorrow, and that the weather is good enough.

We're off to gym again this morning, so I must get some washing hung before we go!

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