Sunday, 13 March 2011

Saturday sunshine

I didn't see much of the sunshine in the morning as we were in the gym until 1pm, but when we came out to glorious sun and light breezes, we all exclaimed what a lovely day it was. I had thought that showers were forecast, but they didn't make an appearance here.

After gym, the YFG and I began the trek around the town for the new school trousers she needed. She did an exceptionally deep deep knee bend on Thursday evening for no known reason, and she totally split the crotch area wide open. I did mend it with my needle and thread, but she said that they were getting rather tight anyway and she was afraid to wear them again in case she split my sewing apart. Mmmm - doesn't say much about her confidence in my sewing. Anyway, we started in Tesco, because that was where she usually gets her trousers, but there were none in her size, so we tried the Factory Shop, where there were some horrible specimens, which felt strange and looked stranger, and so to Sainsbury's, where there weren't any at all. Summer dresses for primary school kids, yes, trousers, no. And so to the official school outfitter in the town. They had them in, of course, a whole rail of them. Twice the price that they would have been in any of the other shops, but you do notice that we went there as the last resort. So she got a pair, after over an hour of searching, and we came home........

Whereupon I had a cup of tea, got changed and went to clean out the big chicken house. I put the shavings and manure directly into a deep veg bed, where I think I may grow the courgettes this year as I hope they can tolerate fairly "hot" conditions. I know you can grow pumpkins on compost heaps, so courgettes being the same broad family may be OK. All this chicken poo has to go somewhere, and the compost bins are getting rather full. The brown bin will get it all next week, but it can't cope with two weeks' worth, I'm afraid, as then no one can move the bin! The FH was out there as well for some of the time as there were some minor repairs needing doing to the chooks set up - doors that had dropped, etc so he was kept busy for an hour, then he did some pottering in the greenhouse.

Baked potatoes and various fillings for tea, and then more washing to be hung out, and the service for chapel this morning to get sorted last night. I finished that up and went to bed at about 11pm, completely worn out for the day - I like those days, where you know you have really earned your rest at night!

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