Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Catching up

This is one of the magnificent horses we saw at the show on Sunday.

Sunday morning dawned bright and clear, and we went off to the show after chapel. We got to the show by lunchtime so the first thing we did was to find a spot for a picnic. We went with another family so the FH was outnumbered by 8 females and he wasn't really sure what to think!! He coped admirably...

We saw some beautiful horses, and had a good look around all the stands. The FH did the best in the shopping stakes, acquiring two new shirts, and a new reversible leather belt, and some of his favourite cheese from the food hall. The girls had a go on the carousel in the background of the photo above, as they love to do each time we go. We spent lots of time out in the sunshine and fresh air, and we all slept very well Sunday evening. It was a lovely day with some great company.

Monday was back at school; measures are being put in place to support people so I can step back a little now, thank goodness. I also showed my first headteacher candidate around - and she was lovely. I must be careful not to "like" any of them more than any other - but I am sure that I will like them all as I do tend to like most people unless they are really objectionable. I have another to show around tomorrow and another next Tuesday. Of course, as they book their appointments, I am getting their names - so it is only human nature that I am going to look them up on the internet....there are three or four people with the same name as the woman who is coming tomorrow so she could be the one who is relatively local, she might be the one from Northamptonshire, or she may be moving to the area from Essex. The local one has a Twitter page and I have learned no end from that - if it is her, she is a grandmother, has two daughters, one of whom has a son, loves gardening, preserving fruits and veg, baking, will be doing the Race for life........there are all sorts of personal things about a person which is all freely available in the public domain that is the internet! I have also been able to read the latest OFSTED reports from the schools that the other two are currently at - luckily they have less common names!!

And then there is the Frugal Queen issue. There is a link to FQ's blog in my blogroll. I am so sad about this, as someone nasty has upset FQ to the extent that she temporarily closed her blog, and has now only brought it back to allow 100 people to subscribe to be her followers to whom the blog will be available. It is despicable behaviour to upset someone like this, and it is such a shame that all her wisdom and inspiration will no longer be available to the wider community. I think that she should follow Rhonda-Jean's lead and write a book when she finishes teaching as she has so much to offer, and is a true inspiration and leader in frugality. She will be hugely missed.

Hugs to all.


Varis Creations said...

Good to hear that the situation is improving on the school front. I don't envy you the task of interviewing for a head teacher though. Don't feel guilty about checking out background information though - erm...I do it to (for guests) and like you say it is all out in the public domain.

As for frugal queen I am gutted that some ignorant cruel person has forced her into this position. Her blog (which I found through you) has been a source of inspiration and more than that a link to a kindred spirit in frugality when I often feel at odds with the consumerist mentality of the people around me. Such a shame, good luck to her. Isn't it strange how the cyber world brings people together?

Morgan said...

I think that the friends we meet online are more likely to be kindred spirits in a way because we are not limited by our geography! We tend to find people online through our interests - frugal blogs, chicken keeping sites, etc in my case and so we are more likely to have similar interests than the people we come across at the school gate, for instance, and so the links can be much stronger. Like you say, FQ is SO inspirational in today's consumer society. And she was brave enough to put photos of herself up on her blog, which I am not!

Hugs x