Sunday, 27 February 2011

That was the weekend that went too fast!

And it flew past - I don't even remember much of yesterday! I spent a lot of the day unearthing the hallway (it's quite big when it isn't cluttered with Stuff!) and then the office got a bit of a makeover going on in there too!

Today was church, and I am terribly uncharitable, but the preacher this morning was a drag.....people will say that of me one day, I know, but she said, "you know" 100 times if she said it once, and we were exchanging sidelong glances between ourselves before half time!! Surely someone closer to her would tell her that she does it, so that she could work on stopping.......I certainly hope that they wouldn't let me go on like that.

Got to go - early start for folk here in the morning - back to school and the YFG has to go to Cambridge for a checkup on her braces.

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