Monday, 7 March 2011

Thank heaven for sunshine!

A glorious sunny day here in the Fens - the chooks are happier in their straw, there are two lines of washing blowing in the breeze, the FH is eating his lunch in the verandah, enjoying the warmth, and I have been outside doing things for an hour or so this morning - it is so lovely to be able to get outside in the warm weather!! I know it won't last for ever, but what will?!

On that note, we were fascinated to watch some of Prof Brian Cox's programme on BBC2 last night about the Wonders of the Universe. The YFG was glued to the tv, and you could see her trying to understand the huge numbers he was talking about in terms of the years that the sun has left, and the earth as well, before the universe becomes nothing, and the "arrow of time" being measured by things changing.....the YFG wondered if he had swallowed a dictionary as he knew so many big words, and was convinced that he didn't really Know all these things, he was just reading them off cue cards!! We explained that he is pretty bright, a professor indeed, so he probably does Know these things! I notice that Amazon have his book for £10, and the Book People have it for £7.99, but I would have to pay postage from them.....I might get it.....I might not!

The thing that made me think last night was about being a Christian physicist. How do people manage to keep a faith, when all this information tries to convince one that there can be no God? I don't know - I'm glad I am not a physicist - but I decided that if the earth and everything in the universe will be gone eventually (can't even begin to try to remember how many trillions of trillions of years he was talking, so "eventually" should cover it!) then why can't that be part of God's mysterious plan? It is something I want to understand more about in the future.


Wannabe Sybil said...

I work on the rule that God knows more than me and any attempt I make to try and understand the universe in relation to God can lead me to limiting God - so I stick to reading history books. I'm confident He'll work it out. That's an easy bit to believe in. Believing that I will ever get to a good place in clutterbusting however...

Also, something or some One had to start off the Big Bang. WS x

Albedo said...

I'm a Christian in the sense that Christ is in my heart, and I attend Sunday worship at the local Church of Scotland. I'm also an astronomer, that is I have a telescope (or three) and have seen most of what is in the sky through one or more of them. The majority of astronomers and cosmologists I have spoken to about religion confess to being atheist or agnostic, but all the Christians I know are in awe of the visible Universe, believing it to be God's handiwork. Those who have looked through my telescopes are even more impressed at the sheer size and scale of it all.
My personal view accords with the Ancients' teachings, and Jesus' original "Way" before the early (Pauline) Christian fathers got their male chauvinist/ego-ridden hands on it. We (humanity) are in our hearts divine and the human "shells" we use are simply illusion - our illusion - which God knows nothing of. This seeming world exists entirely in our split-from-God minds, and our task is to remember who we really are, i.e. all One, all part of God's Son and one with Him.
When you look at the world -and Jesus' teachings - through that prism, all becomes clear. God doesn't "punish" or need "sacrifice", He simply carries on loving us while we sleep, unaware of our dreams but willing us to wake in His arms.
The Big Bang? That was the point at which we first separated from God, and all our "troubles" began! :-)

Morgan said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Those ideas are new to me, and will also require serious digestion, but I am always pleased to come across different perspectives, and thank you for your contribution. I'll keep thinking about this one - and the girls are looking forward to the next Brian Cox programme tonight, so I'll see what else he chucks into the mix!