Saturday, 3 October 2009

Welcome, Tom and Jerry

The pet shop had indeed got some beautiful, tiny hamsters! We bought two this time, because we thought it was better for the hamster to have some company. They are really small - Roborovski hamsters - the smallest available, we're told.

The YFG has named them Tom and Jerry - we don't know for sure that they are boys, so it might really be Thomasina and Geraldine, but the lady in the shop assured me that they are the same sex, whatever they are! I told her that two was plenty and I would be complaining if more arrived later on...

Because they are so small, we have had to put them into a glass tank rather than Hammy's old cage, as they could have possibly got through the bars, or got stuck in between the bars and there was no way we needed any more trauma. They are a burrowing hamster, so we have given them a good depth of sawdust to go down into, and they seem to be settling in quite well tonight.

The weather here has been incredibly windy and we have had a good rain shower this afternoon - the first for weeks - so the seasons are definitely turning. Having said that, the forecast is for a dry and bright day tomorrow so we can't complain.

We haven't gone to the Barn Dance tonight - I was too tired and the EFG has had a bad head cold all day, so there was a distinct lack of enthusiasm for it here. I think that an early night is in order.

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