Sunday, 18 October 2009

Gymnastics at the O2 arena

I have been glued to the television this afternoon, watching the men's vault final, the women's beam and floor finals and the men's P-bars final. Yesterday I saw the men's rings as well - that Iordan Iovchev from Bulgaria is doing amazingly for someone of 36 - silver medal if I remember rightly, and then today the men's vault Gold medallist was 29, from Romania.

But the wonderful news today was that Beth Tweddle won Gold on the floor!! She went first, and then the next gymnast, from Columbia, had a nasty fall and there was some delay until she was stretchered off, so the following gymnasts had to watch and wait. Beth's tension as she waited for each girl's score to come up was clearly visible - you could almost see her wondering whether any of them would knock her off the top spot. Her fall from the bars meant that she didn't make that final so the floor was her best chance, and she did an excellent routine with some brilliant tumbles.

Aside from gymnastics, I have cooked, ironed, hoovered, tidied, cleaned and surfed on the net. Didn't make it to church as none of us are feeling 100% and thought we had better keep our germs to ourselves. We are on the mend though! I've also watched Doc Martin on ITV tonight - he's hilarious!

Yesterday the FGs had a lovely time out with their Aunty M at the Disney on Ice show at the Birmingham NIA. They were amazed by the costumes, the dancing and the ability of the ice dancers - although they did notice a couple of small falls, they said. They brought home a programme so we could also see the costumes, and the YFG has been showing it to her friend today. I think that some thank-you letters are in order this week. In true Fen fashion, they noticed and were disgusted by the prices being charged at the Arena - £2.50 for a bag of Haribo sweets that retail for about a £1 in Tesco, horrendous prices for rubbish like burgers and chips, and the programme was £8, apparently. Still, they were given £5 each pocket money and they both brought it home to put it away for other things as they decided that there was nothing there that they wanted and they are both saving up for things that they do really want!! Well taught, I think!!

The hamster is still out and about, although I am taking up BB's suggestion of a humane mouse trap - that is on the "acquire" list this week. Not sure where I'll get one from but the hardware shop in town might have just the thing. One joker said I should just put the cat in the kitchen for the night - that's a bad idea on two counts: one - that I do actually want this thing alive as it cost me £5 and I don't want it roaming my house for ever, and two - if the cat gets it in the night and eats it, I won't have any evidence as to whether it has caught it or not. So no to the cat...

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