Friday, 2 October 2009

Shopping for the month ahead

I have just done a big shopping "trip" on the website and then had it sent to the cheapest supermarket, after making some savings through their suggested swaps. No huge surprise that the cheapest one was Tesco, so that is where it is all coming from tomorrow.

The theory today is that I have ordered all the tins and jars and cleaning stuff, the UHT milk, the bleach, etc and all the freezable things that I need to get us through the month of meals which I planned last weekend. There is no bread on the list, no green veg, no Frubes, no crisps, no individual wrapped chocolate biscuits aka Penguin or Breakaway. There's no chocolate, either! I hope that this has helped me to avoid temptation! It is being delivered tomorrow, which is not a cheap day, but I have spent some of the savings on the delivery, and I am sure that the amount I am paying for delivery on a Saturday is far outweighed by the amount I might have given away if I had actually gone and wandered the aisles - I am not strong minded in a supermarket!

I didn't really feel that I had time to go and do it myself this week - we have gym tonight and tomorrow morning, then we are going to a Barn Dance tomorrow evening. I don't shop on Sundays if I can help it then Monday will disappear into a school meeting and band practice, Tuesday is a trip to hospital and gym, Wednesday is a book fair and another school meeting, Thursday - well, I do get a day to myself then, yes - and Friday is gym again and then Grandad's party on Saturday. This is set to be the busiest week we have had for a long time!!


Bovey Belle said...

Sounds like a good idea, but we live 10 miles from our nearest town, and the nearest Asda is more than twice as far and Sainsburys is about 25 miles, so I'm not sure if that would work round these parts. Good idea about resisting temptation though, with the choccy bars etc.

We are belt-tightening right now and so I stick to my list, adding up as I walk round the store, buying most of it from Lidls, and what I can't get there from Morrisons or Tesco. Where I can, I buy from individual traders and get almost all my fruit and veg from the warehouse of a family who used to have a market stall but now trade from home. Considerable savings are made this way especially when they have boxes of reduced fruit which may (or may not) need using v. quickly, and turning into jam or frozen.

Do you make your own bread? As I noticed it wasn't on your list. I usually do, but I'm not religious about it - if I'm busy or tired, then it's a "boughten".

Morgan said...

I haven't any room in the freezer for any more bread on this shopping trip. I do make some bread, and I buy some too! The girls prefer bought bread for toast, but I bought a Kenwood electric slicer to make my home-made bread more acceptable to them; it's a work-in-progress. There is some bread in the freezer a the moment, so between that and the odd French stick I will make for them, they'll be OK for this month!

I would love to buy more food from "little" shops; when I lived in a town in Scotland, I pushed the baby of the time round all the shops and loaded the pram up with all the shopping. Tesco was reserved then for the flour, sugar, etc and I bought fish at the fishmonger, fruit and veg at the greengrocer, meat at the butcher, toiletries at the independent chemist shop, and homewares at the hardware store - it was a fantastic way to shop and I loved it. That kind of shopping is impossible in the village where we are now as there is only one little shop and it is far too expensive to use for everything. There is a market in the local towns - twice a week in one town and once in the other, but none fall on a terribly convenient day in term time, although we love to go regularly in the summer holidays. There is a fab cheese stall at one of them where we get lovely little "bite-sized" tasting portions!