Friday, 16 October 2009

Thoughts on Hallowe'en

I am firmly nailing my colours to the mast this year and saying that we do not "celebrate" Hallowe'en.

I was shocked years ago when my EFG's godmother dressed her up as a ghost and brought her trick or treating around our street when I had thought the EFG was just there for tea and play!

When we moved here and made new friends, there was a minor falling out when they knocked at the door in their costumes and I hadn't a sweet in the house to give them, their mother not being too chuffed at my, "Oh, we don't do Hallowe'en". It was awkward. The next year, I had sweets in the house to give to callers, but we still didn't go out ourselves. Last year, I wanted to put a sign on the door saying that we didn't welcome trick or treaters, but the FGs thought that would be too "embarassing" as a lot of the callers would be their friends.

I see Hallowe'en as unBiblical, unChristian and a load of baloney, putting it plainly. We worship God and I am not interested in encouraging my children to participate in this glorification of evil. So how do we avoid it? We don't walk down the aisles selling the paraphernalia in the supermarkets, we don't decorate the house with ghost/pumpkin/spooky hangings, we will be putting that sign up this year - and I will be telling the parents of the friends who might call, that we don't do Hallowe'en. We're coming out of the Hallowe'en closet, so to speak, and not avoiding the issue.

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