Friday, 16 October 2009

Milk bar is Still open

Bubblegum gave birth to her babies (she's a rabbit) on 1st July this year, so they are getting on a bit now - around three and a half months old. Each evening, there is a scrabble and a hustle, and the six of them go in for their nightly feed!

Poor Bubblegum usually ends up straddling herself over them as they take their fill of her milk. They are not quite as big as she is, but they are growing fast, and I am surprised that her milk is still flowing - but it is as I can hear it glugging down their throats.

She doesn't let them feed for many minutes before she leaps away, but it is a sight to see as they are laying on their backs with their feet patting furiously at her to encourage the let-down of the milk.

We must sex them very soon and get them segregated or we will be having some unplanned pregnancies..

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