Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Busy bees here

We are dashing around like mad things today - and last night I was up till 1.30am ironing all the heap to get it put away so that Uncle J didn't have it cluttering up the place. Today I have had the Asda delivery, a Book People delivery and a UPS collection, so it was just as well that we didn't need to go far. The FH went out to his lunch as usual, but the rest of the gang stayed close to home; the EFG finished her room, although the YFG was allowed to rollerskate around the estate a few times (well, she was out there about an hour) as she got hers finished a day or two ago. I have spent a lot of time today preparing the service for Sunday, and it is now done!! Yay - what a relief! I also made Uncle J's bed up and hoovered the room for him - just the bathrooms to clean tonight now and then another basketful of ironing to do from today's washing.

In the morning the FH has a man coming at 10am to see to the extra piece we need to get on the chimney, so our departure will be delayed a little. That gives me an extra couple of hours to pack in the morning, and to clean out a henhouse!! I'll be needing a shower after that and then we should be ready to go - hoping to be out of here by 11am and at the caravan by 1pm for lunch. Planning an easy afternoon - perhaps a walk around the park there and then relaxing with some knitting and a book/DVD in the evening. All depends on the weather as usual.

Lost the camera so finding that is on the list to do before we go - so hoping to be back here Saturday night or Sunday afternoon, with or without photos. Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

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Toria said...

Hope you guys have a great holiday