Friday, 9 October 2009

I'm here but only just!

That was the week that wasn't! I went to the school meeting on Monday, I made it to gym on Tuesday and that was the end of that. The Book fair had to be cancelled and the apologies sent to the school meeting on Wednesday, and I have had to send my apologies to gym for tonight. Wednesday was spent on the sofa, yesterday and today largely in bed. Since the germs have been so widespread as to affect the girls, we have had a Mario Karts tournament on the nintendo DS this morning, sitting on the bed. The Sudafed started to kick in this afternoon, hence I am up now, albeit still in the PJs!!

Grandad's party tomorrow evening will have to be done, or we'd never hear the end of it, so we are planning a restful day and an early night tonight. Unfortunately, I also have to go to the Autumn Show at Peterborough on Sunday as I can't afford to lose a day's wages, but the girls are quite au fait with running the stall so I am hoping that I can take a big flask and a chair and supervise them from behind the stall! The FH had his flu jab on Wednesday so I am not expecting him to be well enough to help on Sunday as it always makes him ill - he'll have the sweats, the cough, the runny nose, the aches and pains - the flu! He keeps having the injection year after year in the belief that this reaction to the vaccine is less severe than the "real" flu would be if he got it, and I am not going to be responsible for testing that theory!

From a financial point of view, being ill is an interesting method of saving money - I stay at home, so I spend much less! I have had to ask the FH to buy Benylin and Strepsils for us, and that is that. Four NSDs (No Spend Days) in a row, as far as the Grocery Challenge is concerned.

Hope that you are all well, at least!


Bovey Belle said...

Hmmm - I can think of better ways to ENJOY those no-spend days! I hope you are all feeling better soon and enjoy the party tomorrow night.

My 18 yr old son and I baked the first recipe from your wonderful book today - White Chocolate Chip Cookies. I have the recipe "somewhere" else (but have a feeling it is in the book I sent North with my eldest daughter this summer). The biccies are great!

Morgan said...

Glad to hear that you like the book! Happy Baking!


Toria said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. Having the flu sucks!