Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Tuesday turnabout

Today has been one of those days!

The YFG has a swimming lesson at school, then a Performing Arts after school club and then two hours at gym - by which time she is running out of steam. The EFG has sore eyes, a badly dried bottom lip and mouth ulcers, so we are going to the optician tomorrow for the eyes and we'll need to go to the chemist for the lip and the ulcer. There are poorly rabbits again - they seem to be picking up some kind of virus - probably snuffles - and there is nothing we can do except make their last days as comfortable as we can: the latest has just shown symptoms tonight so we have administered the Calpol and Optrex and he is snuggled into the FH's shirt and they are both sitting, dozing, watching the Ten O'Clock News!

So that is all the miserable news from here...on a more positive note, the FH has finished his course of antibiotics and his cough is receding nicely, as is mine. I am definitely on the mend now! My friend D has brought us a humane mouse trap to borrow in an attempt to catch the meandering hamster. Only downside is that it is built for MICE and not large hamsters, so we are wondering whether he will actually squeeze himself into it!! If he is hungry enough, he probably will - so we have baited it with his favourite nosh and we have fingers crossed for a successful capture tonight!

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