Friday, 2 October 2009

RIP Hammy

On coming home from gym tonight, the YFG was inconsolable after finding her little hamster dead in his cage.

He had food and water in there, so he didn't die of hunger or thirst, and there is no real way of telling what happened. He was in the food bowl, which is plastic, so the YFG wonders if he fell from the roof of the cage, where he loved to do his acrobatics, and hurt himself on the hard plastic of the bowl. There is a lot of bedding in the cage where it would have been better to fall, if that is indeed what happened.

I think she had had him about a year, so he wasn't that old for a hamster - I would have expected him to have lived maybe another six months to a year. We are going to make a trip to the pet shop in town after gym tomorrow to see if they have any more little hamsters.

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Toria said...

Poor YFG. My son's lizard died recently & he still gets upset when he thinks about it. Hopefully a new hamster will cheer her up a little.