Thursday, 1 October 2009

Photo catch-up

This photo shows the five Gold Partridge Orpington chicks - I took it last night when they all had their heads down for supper! The feathers are really showing their partridge shadings now and look as if they will be lovely as they grow up.

Above and below: Moppy, our giant white rabbit, has had some babies to our new male, Guiness, who is a black and white Dutch. The babies are now coming up to three weeks old, and getting more adventurous. There were 6 of them, but we lost one at the weekend; it just got very weak, and although we tried to hand-feed it, it didn't make it.

Above: the lovely flowers my little friend next door brought me for my birthday!

And this is the beautiful bouquet that my sister delivered on my birthday! I was spoilt!

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Toria said...

Awww, the chicks are adorable.