Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Lurgy here

Yes, the EFG and I are suffering with a chesty cough, razorblades in the throat and lack of voice. She has had two days at home, and now is hoping to get back to school tomorrow. We had a short trip out yesterday in the late afternoon, and she is now the happy owner of a Syrian hamster: the YFG kindly donated her old cage and the EFG was given a £5 voucher for WHSmith from school for being so excellent (!) so I bought that off her and she had the £5 to get her hamster. He is a monster compared to the Roborovski pair but he is very cute!

Got to go to bed now and try to get some rest. More tomorrow, maybe.


Greentwinsmummy said...

There are so many folks I know that are poorly at the moment.Hugs to you both because its horrible being ill.
E is always sidling up to me & whspering mama I would really like a little hamster in a cage with a food bowl & a drink bottle with a red lid & a wheel & some bed for it to lay in.Lol honestly she says it nearly every few days!
So far I resist.......
GTM x x x

Morgan said...

GTM - Thanks for the good wishes - I feel even worse this morning...

I would continue to resist E for a few years yet; the YFG got her first hamster with her birthday money after her 9th birthday. I judged her to be old enough then to cope with 99% of its care, with the odd reminder! It has been a good "tool" for teaching her responsibility, as although we have the rabbits and the chickens, she is the primary carer for neither set of birds/animals there. The hamster is hers and there is no one she can palm it off onto, although I must give her credit and say that she loves them (the first and the new pair) and is very happy to look after them.


Bovey Belle said...

Hope you are all better soon, but honestly, there are some nasty bugs doing the rounds, as GTM said.

I do not miss the little chaps in cages, as they had such short lives. I hope your wee one enjoys the new chappy though.