Saturday, 17 October 2009


Yes - the hamster is on the loose.

Sammy the Syrian hamster made his escape last weekend - we noticed that the cage was empty on Monday evening, but the girls had each "seen" a flash of something in the kitchen on Saturday and Sunday, so we presume that he escaped sometime on Saturday.

Luckily for him, I had been lax about getting the mouse traps out although I had said to the FH that the things they had seen may have been mice that the cat might have brought in; it stupidly never entered my head to check the hamster cage.

He's still here, but we haven't caught him yet... all suggestions welcome!

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Bovey Belle said...

This happened with my daughter's hamster, and he got under the floorboards! Visions of chewed wires and singed hamster at midnight haunted my dreams, and we ended up borrowing a live-catch rat-trap from our builder, which soon caught the little miscreant! Might I just add - don't slam doors back against walls, as a hamster of my acquaintance met his end that way . . . Good Luck!