Tuesday, 29 September 2009


To give my family some degree of privacy, I blog here in a quite secretive way - I don't mention our real names, nor exactly where we live - so I was surprised to get a comment today mentioning my name. Apologies to the commenter, but I won't publish it, although it will go into the hat for the giveaway - and now I am totally mystified as to how I let that slip - and where?!?!?


Toria said...

It probably wasn't one comment, but a range of them. Like you've mentioned a few big towns nearby, and you give details of your church sometime. Someone with a knowledge of your area could probably put it all together & figure out who you are. Not me, I'm on the other side of the world & content just to read without finding out who you are.

Morgan said...

I thought I was being vague enough - I haven't mentioned the names of the two towns closest to where I live, and there are loads of little villages around the Fens!

Ely is a "city" in the Fens, because it has a cathedral, which people travel some distance to visit, and I know that I mentioned the fire at Littleport, but that could be seen more than 30 miles from where it actually happened.

Thanks for the feedback, though. I appreciate your comments. Glad to have you here.