Thursday, 3 September 2009

Computer downtime

I haven't been here much this week as it was the last few days of the girls' school holiday and I didn't want to be tempted to be checking stuff on the internet when I could have been doing things with them or for them! I made an effort not to even turn the computer on until the late afternoon most days, which worked well.

They went back to their respective schools today - EFG into Year 9 and YFG into Year 6! YFG says it is "weird" to be one of the oldest in the school, but good. She also has a brand-new-to-the-school teacher this year - she had one of those in Y4 and got on very well but that teacher left after only a year to have a baby and then moved away. I hope that this teacher is good and fair.

I have joined the "Grocery Challenge" at which can be found here although I am using a different username there! It is worth a look even if you don't want to join in because there is a whole list of budget-busting recipes and meal ideas in the first couple of posts. It is amazing to read how little some people spend on their groceries each week and month, and it can be very inspiring - there are also some fab ideas on that thread, so do have a quick peek when you have a minute.

Coco is still thriving. The next eggs are not due to hatch until next weekend so there will be an age gap of nearly two weeks between him and them. Fingers crossed that more hatch next time.

Weather is atrocious here - wild, wet and windy. The poor chooks are having their feathers ruffled severely in all this wind.

I have made some shortbread and flapjacks for the lunchboxes tonight, so I have to go and see if they are cool enough to put in the tins.........

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